about lyndon thompson


My main hobby however is astro imaging and astronomy. This involves tracking objects millions and even billions of light years away and collecting as many photons (light) as the clouds permit. Combined exposure times are often in excess of 20 hours so everything is computer controlled. I’m no longer mad enough to stand outside for 10 hours on a freezing night although my telescope isn't setup at the moment and hasn't been for some time. However I hope to change this quite soon. Anyway, when all the data is collected, it’s processed by computer software and an image produced like the one above. This involves combining lots of short exposures, removing electronic noise and tweeking the image levels / data curves. The images below were produced back in 2006. I also enjoy looking for super novae. This is achieved by taking relatively short exposure images of galaxies and comparing them with library images taken earlier. If there are new bright dots within the galaxy, there could be an exploding star. Distant galaxies are very faint and supanovae can almost outshine an entire galaxy. View sample images