about lyndon thompson

Work profile

I have excellent organizational skills, a very good all round knowledge of IT and valuable customer service experience in the Fire, Health and Safety and ISO standards sectors. I am a practical person who can combine administrative, technological and practical considerations to provide workable solutions. I can keep a level head and achieve results in difficult situations but my strongest point is probably my dedication and attention to detail; concentrating not just on the big picture but on the finer points to produce high quality work.

When I left school I started my own plant nursery that I ran for 10 years. I still love plants and have constructed various large gardens in my spare time. However for the rest of my career, IT and quality standards have been the theme.

I was able to offer great customer service working in the car recovery industry as a control team leader before moving up to an administrative role where I was responsible for IT, work planning, health and safety, quality and ISO standards. I took these duties to an additional level when I moved to recovery manager responsible for all aspects of everyday working life before side stepping into the fire safety industry. Whilst these may be in different sectors, in reality they are very similar and involve providing excellent service in sometimes difficult situations whilst adhering closely to working procedures. In these roles I had to adapt seamlessly into various positions whether it be a managerial role concerned with hitting targets, maintaining overall quality and building relationships, to 1st line assistance providing excellent communication with customers and service engineers. My philosophy is that staff should have the room to express themselves but within the processes and limits set down in agreed company guidelines.

Throughout my working life IT and web administration have been a major factors. My coding dates back to when I wrote machine code games after school for magazines and games companies. Assembly is a thing of the past now but I have considerable knowledge and experience with HTML and CSS along with lower level languages such as PHP, C++ and Java. I have numerous qualifications including a degree in computer programming, 2 diplomas and various C&G level 3 awards in Java, C++ and VB. The C&G qualifications allowed me to achieve a personal ambition of teaching programming to adults at college level using interactive methods. More recently, I have become very effective with SEO and I believe to achieve effective SEO, you really need to understand programming (at least HTML) and website building. You also need to work very closely to the current algorithms and have a fair knowledge of the target field.
During my working life I have created countless websites for various types of clients. I have the ability to produce both simple and complex web solutions from scratch to a clients requirements. These may be simple responsive landing pages or complete database driven portals with the integration of XML streams and API's. Whilst I can program at a low level, I also can produce attractive and innovative designs at a higher level and run successful marketing campaigns. Not all coders can. I have written complete web based software for online marketing and designed and produced emails for them.

Some of my best work as been with ISO 9000 (quality standards) and Health and Saftey and you can see some of it using the date range tabs along the top. I learnt through experience how structure can help companies and employees and when you believe in something, it helps you work much more effectively. I have setup complete quality and safety systems for small business and worked with large companies on accreditation and safe working procedures. I have many years practical experience with fire extinguishers and fire safety.

I am a certified compliant A+ computer repair technician which is approximately the same as NVQ3 but I am also a qualified IFEDA Fire Extinguisher technician. I believe I have the all round skills in computers, health and safety, ISO standards, fire safety and administration to be ideal for many roles within your company. I am currently working as a gardener.