Cycling holiday in Crete

Posted on 17th Nov 2019 13:12:02

Crete is a great destination for a cycling holiday. The terrain is similar to Cornwall but more so and warmer. There aren't many flat roads on Crete and I accumulated over 40,000ft of climbing in a week but they fairly decent quality.

1st in LVRC Southern Region Championship 2019

Posted on 17th Nov 2019 12:41:38

Possibly my best result of the season was winning the LVRC Southern Region Championship race on 23rd June near Chailey. It was only my 2nd LVRC RR and it came the week after my first in which I was first in the "C" Category.

2nd in 2019 Moreton Series

Posted on 17th Nov 2019 11:36:08

I couldn't repeat last years victory in the Moreton Series 2019 but 2nd place behind James Horton isnt bad. James rode a superb series and was the deserved winner.

Cornish Damp Squib

Posted on 10th Nov 2019 23:31:50

My weeks cycling trip to Cornwall turned sour on the 1st day when a submerged pothole took out the small group I was riding with throwing me onto my right knee in the middle of the road. Initially it didnt seem too bad but it quickly swelled up and left me unable to walk for the rest of the week never mind cycle.

Bike fit at Vankru

Posted on 4th Nov 2019 17:48:36

I've experienced knee problems on and off since I started cycling 4 years ago so considering I've setup my bikes using online tutorials, I thought it was time I had a proper bike fit.

TFC Winter Series and TFC Spring Series 1 Overall Winner

Posted on 27th May 2019 17:21:33

Turbo sessions can be great training but boring, zwift races are fun but not as targeted. This winter I tried to incorporate approximate training sessions such as low cadence drills or 5 min efforts into races. I'm not sure whether it worked or was the most efficient training but it certainly kept me motivated and I won the TFC Winter and Spring Series as a bonus.

Promoting Cycling for all ages with Colten Care

Posted on 26th May 2019 19:28:31

In 2019 I'm working with Colten Care to promote cycling for all ages in residential care homes. 

Lyndon Thompson takes Moreton 2018 Series

Posted on 26th May 2019 17:53:16

I was proud to be awarded the Peter Washington Memorial Trophy for my Moreton 2018 Series win before the first race of the 2019 series by race organiser Steve Dring.

Velothon Wales 2018 : 4hrs 10mins including a puncture.

Posted on 12th Feb 2019 21:09:42

On a hot day in July, 10 guys from the NFCC got up early for a 7.00am start on a hilly ride around South Wales. The Velothon Wales is a popular mass participation event and pro race which includes challenging hills such as Caerphilly and The Tumble. I managed to nurse a puncture to the finish from around 5km out and post the fastest finishing time but it was a good performance from all and the NFCC came in as the 6th fastest team.

2018 Cycling Trip to California

Posted on 11th Feb 2019 22:46:46

A lot of people want to visit the USA to see Disney land or Las Vegas or Broadway etc. I've always wanted to see Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, The Giant Sequoias, Crater Lake and all the other natural wonders. Well in September I travelled to California on a cycling trip to ride around some of those places and a few others too. The remainder will have to wait until next time. Read the full report here.

East Yorks, Ripponden and TLI.

Posted on 16th Jan 2019 00:09:14

August 2018 saw me travel to Yorkshire for the finale of the East Yorkshire Road Race League and the TLI RR. A 2nd place was the only reward but it was an enjoyable trip and there is some great cycling to be had in the Ripponden area. I even treated myself to fish and chips and a pint in the 13th century coaching inn at the bottom of Col de Ripponden Bank.

Morocco; first impressions.

Posted on 15th Dec 2018 22:35:18

Friendly people, lots of wide cycle lanes and great weather for December sum it up fairly well. My first foray out into the countryside around Marrakesh headed into the foothills of the Atlas mountains. However the highlight was probably the return into town when a few mopeds offered themselves up as durneys and we covered the last 25 miles in around a hour! 

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