Its been too long!

Posted on 12th Apr 2021 23:47:45

It's been too long without posting; mainly because I've used this page to log my cycling activities and to tell the truth, I haven't really been riding much. Anyway, here's a cheeky fox that came to say hello to me when I was at work!

Cycling in South Western Cornwall

Posted on 28th Feb 2020 11:23:40

My weeks cycling holiday to Cornwall fell in the middle of storm season but luckily I managed to get a few days cycling in. The west is certainly less hilly than the Roseland and Polperro coasts but the Penwith Heritage Coast is certainly worth riding along and 185 miles and 15500ft of elevation in 3 days isn't too bad. 

Bourne View Pantomine

Posted on 25th Feb 2020 13:13:29

It was never going to win an oscar but when you have a cow, cinderella, a gaint, jack, three wise men and 2 shepherds in one play, its going to be a bit of a pantomime anyway.

Cycling in the Souss Massa near Agadir

Posted on 16th Dec 2019 13:41:50

Cycling in the Souss Massa near Agadir is a mixed experience of rocklets, gravel, sand and great tarmac. I'm afraid its a case of you take pot luck and if you find a good track, stick on it.

Col de Paradise, an unmapped new hill.

Posted on 16th Dec 2019 10:03:55

Its not often you get to add a new road that resembles Alp d'Huez to google maps. However when I cycled out to Paradise Valley from Agadir, thats what I found waiting for me. Rising up into the distance almost mirage like was a wiggly road and I had no idea where it went.

The Morroccan Poor Mans Big Sur

Posted on 12th Dec 2019 22:53:48

My enjoyment of the real Big Sur was somewhat lessened due to only having one gear so I wanted to include a ride up the coast on this trip too. National Route one isnt as busy as you might imagine and once I was past Taghazout, there was little traffic. To the left were stretches with great views of the Atlantic Ocean and to the right, cactus clad hillsides.

First impressions of Agadir

Posted on 11th Dec 2019 19:00:11

To me Agadir seems much less intense than Marrakesh. The roads aren't so hectic, the weather is milder, the poor districts less poor and the pace of life is more relaxed. There's also a good percentage of non europeans amoungst the holiday makers on the seafront promenade. To the south of Agadir is the Souss Massa National park and its towards that I headed on my first ride. After a wandering route through narrow streets and dead end gravel tracks I found a beautiful new road that skirted the edge of the park through relatively unspoiled countryside.

Cycling holiday in Crete

Posted on 17th Nov 2019 13:12:02

Crete is a great destination for a cycling holiday. The terrain is similar to Cornwall but more so and warmer. There aren't many flat roads on Crete and I accumulated over 40,000ft of climbing in a week but they fairly decent quality.

1st in LVRC Southern Region Championship 2019

Posted on 17th Nov 2019 12:41:38

Possibly my best result of the season was winning the LVRC Southern Region Championship race on 23rd June near Chailey. It was only my 2nd LVRC RR and it came the week after my first in which I was first in the "C" Category.

2nd in 2019 Moreton Series

Posted on 17th Nov 2019 11:36:08

I couldn't repeat last years victory in the Moreton Series 2019 but 2nd place behind James Horton isnt bad. James rode a superb series and was the deserved winner.

Cornish Damp Squib

Posted on 10th Nov 2019 23:31:50

My weeks cycling trip to Cornwall turned sour on the 1st day when a submerged pothole took out the small group I was riding with throwing me onto my right knee in the middle of the road. Initially it didnt seem too bad but it quickly swelled up and left me unable to walk for the rest of the week never mind cycle.

Bike fit at Vankru

Posted on 4th Nov 2019 17:48:36

I've experienced knee problems on and off since I started cycling 4 years ago so considering I've setup my bikes using online tutorials, I thought it was time I had a proper bike fit.

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