Stripes like Sagan for Christmas

Posted on 6th Jan 2018 23:42:46

We can all day dream about riding a grand tour or being world champion like Peter Sagan but we know it isn't going to happen. But if Sagan can have custom striped clothing, I thought why can't I have a NFCC Road Race Champion Jersey? OK its a bit tongue in cheek but I didn't get a trophy to keep and I needed a winter jersey anyway so I thought why not get one custom made as a Christmas present to myself.

Downton 2017 and the NFCC Road Race Championship

Posted on 23rd Oct 2017 23:21:08

The 2017 Downton 2 Day Classic would act as the NFCC Road Race Championship so I was determined not to make the same errors I did in 2016 when this event was my first ever road race. In the end a missing marshal spoilt my TT but I did reasonably in the road race finishing 11th and managed to maintain 14th position in the overall taking the NFCC title with it.

Top 5 Finish in The Sporting Time Trial Series 2017

Posted on 9th Oct 2017 23:09:59

When I set myself the target of a top twenty finish I didn’t expect to make it into the top 5 of this challenging series that saw nearly 400 people taking part. I’m proud of the achievement in only my 2nd year as a cyclist. The series isnt just about being quick nor is just a case of turning up. You need to be a good rider but also determined enough to get through some tough courses in difficult conditions. A big thanks to my 2UP partners and also my NFCC team mates.

Lyndon Thompson wins at Moreton Race Series 9 2017

Posted on 16th Aug 2017 16:54:16

Time is teaching me you have to hang in there when it gets tough and take your chances. My chance came in early July when a strong blue group worked hard and stayed away from a red group filled with local stars. When the pace slowed and cooperation dwindled I found myself on the front and no one would come through. With 500m to go I braved likely failure and went for it. An age later I'd won my first race at Moreton by about half a wheel. Some people said it was easy for me but they don't know the half of it. An injury filled two years in cycling is no match for the energy and passion of youth. I just don't give in.   

First Mixed 2UP : First Veteran

Posted on 16th Aug 2017 16:07:33

On a breezy Saturday afternoon in August I rode my first mixed 2UP with Bournemouth Arrows rider Michelle Walter. Michelle is a very good rider for a lady in her category but we knew it would be a case of helping her get around as quickly as she could. Our time of just over 24 minutes was around what we hoped for and we came 8th with Michelle 1st Veteran.

TLI National TT - 2nd in Category

Posted on 8th Aug 2017 00:18:41

One of my secondary targets for 2017 was the TLI National TT at Nomansland in the New Forest. Still in only my 2nd year cycling, the champions jersey was an unlikely dream but I still wanted to do myself justice. Fastest on the day was Dean Robson (Northover V.T) followed by Matt Langridge (Planet) and Matthew Downie (Primera-Team Jobs). My ride didn't feel smooth nor quick but I hesitantly peeked at the times of other riders in my age category and was relieved to discover I'd won a silver medal.

I didnt think I'd break this one.

Posted on 22nd Jun 2017 14:32:43

When I set myself the target of the NFCC age group records, the 10 mile time of 21:35 looked hard to beat. After a quick 25 I knew it was possible but everything had to be right. Course, navigation, form, weather and traffic. In the end it wasn't but I still did it. I'm pretty sure given the same conditions, fresh legs and no traffic I can better 20:56. So until next time, or until the flying Anthony Green beats it, I'm happy with that. 

First 100 Mile TT and NFCC age group record.

Posted on 22nd Jun 2017 13:33:26

Every time trialist really needs to add a 100 miler to their palmares at some point and I also wanted the NFCC age group record. Therefore I picked an intresting course, carbed up and got on with it.

Moreton in the rain.

Posted on 22nd Jun 2017 13:02:14

This year I'm taking part in Bournemouth Cycleworks' Moreton Race Series and we've had some great weather. Race 5 however was a notable exception. I finished uninspiringly and won my age category but Max had a great ride and finished 3rd behind Matt Downie. The adjacent shot shows Chris Wilson and Luke Monahan on the front with me trying to hide from Luke's spray as we come through for our turn on the front. 

First again on P341 and First Aggregate Competition Win

Posted on 6th Jun 2017 00:23:57

The Thorny Hill Circuit is one of my favourite courses; a little technical, picturesque and a lumpy. Its raced by the NFCC as part of a 2 leg aggregate and I'd won the first leg. If I was achieve one of my seasons goals, I was going to have to race the 2nd leg in gale force gusts. I had well over a minute advantage from the first leg. In the end, I won the race by 2 seconds over Stewart Ward and the aggregate competition by nearly 2 minutes. 

First NFCC Age Group Record

Posted on 28th May 2017 16:07:44

I made it a season goal to break the NFCC TT records for my age group but doing it needs a few things to happen together. With a new disc to fit, time drained away as complications occurred. Luckily I made it to the start with a few minutes to spare and rode on adrenlin.  27mph for 25 miles and a time of 55.48. I was pleased with that.

And onto British Cycling racing at Henstridge

Posted on 23rd May 2017 15:07:27

Enthused by Moreton I decided to join a few of my friends and try British Cycling racing at Henstridge Airfield near Shaftsbury. The field of riders was much smaller than Moreton, about 14, but the circuit is technical with an hairpin bend just before the finish. This I learnt does not suit me! With 2 laps to go, the pace increased so I made my way to the front and tried to take Luke with me. I didn't dare push out in front and in the end I came in fourth which gave me my first BC points.

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