2nd in 1st Road Race : Moreton 1/2017

Posted on 11th May 2017 14:09:55

When a friend suggested I give the Moreton Race Series a go, I wasn't too sure. I liked the idea of doing a road race but surely I was too old and slow for that sort of thing. About 50 riders set off on a sunny late spring evening and eventually, the green group managed to get most of the people working together. So much so in fact that it became apparent the other groups might not catch us. The last lap slowed down a little and then with around 500m to go, people started sprinting for the line. 

Season goals

Posted on 20th Apr 2017 10:58:19

Some people hate targets and competition in cycling and I've no problem with that. However no matter how I might wish otherwise, I've got a competitive side and in the back of my mind I usually have a goal. In cycling and TTs you not only compete against others but against yourself and stats become a part of what we do. TTs are hard physically and mentally and I need something to push me so I don't back off and let the pain subside. This year a few vague goals turned into targets which are giving the season focus.

1st NFCC Team Open Win in Living Memory

Posted on 30th Apr 2017 20:21:26

At the Tornado's April TT, the NFCC achieved their 1st Open Team TT win for as long as anyone can remember. The club was represented by a good sized contingent consisting of Richard Parker, Philip Harris, Nick Buck, Leon Hutchinson and myself and produced a combined time for the 1st three riders of 75.59. Time Trials are usually personal challenges so its great to ride as part of a team.

1st NFCC Club win of 2017 on Thorney Hill

Posted on 28th Apr 2017 00:08:25

I was pleased to get my first NFCC TT win of 2017 on the picturesque Thorney Hill Circuit as its one of my favourite local TT courses. Its only fair to say that the freezing conditions and lumpy route may have put off a few of the fastest guys but it still needed to be ridden and it gives me a chance in the aggregate competition. 

1st TT win of the 2017

Posted on 27th Apr 2017 00:20:02

OK it wasn't a large or experienced field but a win's a win isn't it? Late April saw my first TT win of the year whilst doing a reccy for the Tornado's Open TT on P337. The time of 25 minutes wasn't great but despite appearances to the contrary, the weather was freezing. The 5 mile course (2 laps) is generally good but its let down badly by the condition of the road on Thorney Hill which is rough with pot holes. Not great on a fast descent. The entry is mainly included in my blog because of my "crow man with ripped jeans" appearance in Chris Wilson's photo. 

25 mile PB on the A31

Posted on 26th Apr 2017 23:49:01

On Saturday 22nd April I travelled to Farnham to take part in Farnborough & Camberley's 25 BBAR TT. Despite less than ideal preparation due to mechanical issues I managed a new 25 mile PB of 56:27 at 26.5mph and finished 46th in a large and talented field of 114 riders. The course H25/8 is reasonably flat and quick but doesn't really suit me as I prefer something a little more hilly.

Knights Composites - Mixing it with the big boys.

Posted on 26th Apr 2017 23:29:22

Although I didn't realise it at the time, the Wessex Road Club's 24 mile TT on P427 was part of a national series sponsored by Knights Composites. The fact that participants were required to wear two additional arm numbers should have given me a clue. The course is rolling route and on good roads which suited me but the March weather was cold and gusty and the start time early. In the end I played it overly safe but managed to finish 29th out of 70 veterans in 59:42. 

Hurting on Harting Hill and the Sporting TT Series

Posted on 13th Apr 2017 21:56:07

Hurting on Harting was a tough 23 mile time trial near Midhurst in the South Downs. The "highlight" of the course, Harting Hill, kicks up to 11% for nearly a mile which saw me reach a new max heart of 174bpm and hold 171bpm for over 6 minutes. I always look back and see sections when I could have done more, but its fair to say that one certainly pushed me and I was pleased to get around in 60 minutes. Its part of the sporting time trial series which continues with the Arrow's Open TT on P311 near Ringwood on Good Friday. 

Start of the TT season

Posted on 24th Mar 2017 01:16:23

March marked the start of the TT season and this year I'm taking place in the Sporting Time Trial Series for the Bournemouth Arrows which marks a substantial step up from the NFCC's 10 series. My first event of the year was Sotonia's Leg Loosener on P182. I finished 23rd out of 39 in a strong TT category and a respectable 37th out of 110 riders overall. Oscar Hutchings took the TT category and overall win and Matt Downie won the road bike category.

Blissford on Sea : Surprise Gold!

Posted on 6th Mar 2017 23:57:15

One of the many short, sharp climbs that lead up from the coast on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall. I went back to have a "dig" at this but it was too wet and my rear kept slipping. It was cold and windy too but I was surprised to find I gained trophies on 5 out of 5 segments.

Ginger and Cranberry Flapjack

Posted on 24th Jan 2017 22:02:15

I've not been happy with the amount of margarine and sugar in the flapjack recipes I use so I decided to try my own idea and it worked! This flapjack contains nuts, raisins, oats, cranberries, root ginger, sugar and water. I am likely to change the fruit and flavouring each time depending on what I have. The point is it doesn't need lots of sugar, margarine or treacle to stick together. Make it a little mushy and it sets like paper mache.

One year on

Posted on 22nd Jan 2017 23:17:26

Its about 14 months since I took up cycling as a hobby and a year since I had a bad knee injury which still hasn't really healed. Therefore this year my winter training is a little different. 

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