Blissford takes the crown!

Posted on 22nd Jan 2017

Yes the short but sharp Blissford Hill has won the title of The New Forest's top climb in my internet vote. It narrowly beat Pipers Wait near Nomansland into 2nd with the western side of Bolderwood taking the final podium place. Full Results. Its not what I would personally select but the will of the people must be respected LOL. I would have gone for either Godshill or Pipers Wait as they are much longer and have steep sections too. Luckily Pipers Wait's ramp is at the very end so you don't have to go into the red early and live with the lactic. The Godshill steep section is at the beginning though. Details on the top New Forest climbs. The top 2 however did match the rating system I devised which was, climb gradient squared multiplied by the climb length. So it seems gradient is the most feared aspect of cycle climbing. I can understand that.