One year on

Posted on 22nd Jan 2017

Yes, about a year ago when it was cold and icy I went to the gym for some leg work, tweaked my left knee and then damaged a tendon whilst riding in the Purbecks. I could hardly walk for 2 weeks and I was off the bike for 2 months. It never really healed all year and I don't think the routine of TT, rest, club ride, TT rest etc helped. The doctor says she suspects patella mal tracking due to muscle imbalance. Therefore this year to try and build some strength into my legs in general, I'm doing quite a bit of walking and just a little riding. Hopefully this will help and also give my knee chance to repair. On top of this I am trying some knee strengthening exercises (which seem to make it worse at the moment) and a little foam rolling. Fingers crossed.