Ginger and Cranberry Flapjack

Posted on 24th Jan 2017

This flapjack recipe seems to stick together well without sticking to the greaseproof paper, doesn't contain any margarine and only a little sugar.

Ingredients: approximately.... 3 mugs of oats, 1 mug mixed nuts and raisins, 1/4 mug of sugar, 1 mug of water, 1 mug of cranberries or dried fruit, 100g root ginger. 

Pre heat oven to 160c. Dissolve the sugar and water in a pan. Chop the nuts, raisins and root ginger finely in a food processor. Add the dried fruit and process to desired size. Add the mixture to the pan and stir around until all the ingredients and moist and sticky. Add a little more liquid if necessary. Continue to heat covered for a few minutes until the mixture is soft (add other flavours if required). Spread into a lined and greased tin and bake at 160c for about 25mins. Allow to cool, cut with a pizza cutter and then allow to go cold before dividing up. 

You could add a little treacle if you want it hard like crunch for rides. I used cranberries because they were 99p a packet at Waitrose although dried apricots would be good. Any dried fruit for that matter and any nuts. (large)