Hurting on Harting Hill and the Sporting TT Series

Posted on 13th Apr 2017

Here's a photo of me nearing the finish of the TT called "Hurting on Harting Hill" on Sunday with A3CRG. The 23 mile time trial marked the start of busy week and was definitely one of the hardest events I've taken part in. Harting Hill itself comes around 1/3rd of the way into the TT and the steepest part is 0.7 miles long with an average gradient of 11%. Previously my max heart rate was 172bpm but this section saw me average 171 bpm and 360 watts for over 6 minutes The ride on Strava. TT's are about pushing limits and that certainly pushed mine. The event is actually part of the sporting time trial series which takes place during the spring and autumn on "lumpy" TT courses in the southern district. Unfortunately missing the NFCC's "Around the Forest" TT (due to my car locking my bike inside and me outside) has made it difficult for me to get a good finishing position but I'm working my way back up the table. I'm currently at 30th out of 270 although some have only done a couple of events. The second photo is again nearing the finish, but this time its the NFCC's 10 series on pan flat P311 near Ringwood. Tomorrow we do that course again when there's another chance to earn some points in the Bournemouth Arrow's Good Friday Open, but with 120 riders, it isn't going to be easy. I hope to finish the week with a couple of Easter social rides.