Season goals

Posted on 20th Apr 2017

Some people hate targets and competition in cycling and I've no problem with that. However no matter how I might wish otherwise, I've got a competitive side and in the back of my mind I usually have a goal. In cycling and TTs you not only compete against others but against yourself and stats become a part of what we do. TTs are hard physically and mentally and I need something to push me so I don't back off and let the pain subside. This year a few vague goals turned into targets which are giving the season focus, although I do admit I am looking forward to doing a few social rides too. After last year, I needed to have an injury free season and hopefully strengthen my left knee. But obviously I went further than that. Books say you need to set goals and tell people. That's risky and could be embarrassing but here they are.

  • Win a NFCC competition and do well (top 5) in the Club Championship.
  • Finish in the top twenty of the Sporting Time Trial Series.
  • Attain a British Cycling Cat 3 racing license.
  • Finish top 5 in the TLI age group rankings.
  • Break as many of the NFCC age group records as I can, 100 miles and under.
  • Perform well in the Downton Classic.

I'd love to win the TLI TT Championship Jersey for my age group but realistically that is unlikely to happen. There are a lot of very good riders in my category and where I finish will depend greatly on who enters. The current owner Ray Claridge is a cycling friend and he's consistently quicker than me. I will certainly give it a shot though and there is always the possibility he might win a free weekend in Paris on that date!