2nd in 1st Road Race : Moreton 1/2017

Posted on 11th May 2017

When a friend suggested I give the Moreton Race Series a go, I wasn't too sure. I liked the idea of doing a road race but surely I was too old and slow for that sort of thing. I'd never ridden a road race or even a crit so it was all new to me. OK I can post reasonable times in TTs but in a road race, drop off for a few seconds and its goodbye. The TLI system does make it easier, riders set off in age related groups, but when it all comes together, 48 year olds are up against 25 year old cat 2 racers and better. So its fair to say I was excited but apprehensive as I drove down to Moreton with my old mans endurance bike. The HQ is a smart new building in a large grassy field, clearly rebuilt since street view visited. People started to arrive in Audi TTs with Specialized Venges etc and the nerves mounted, however I need not have worried. About 50 riders set off on a sunny late spring evening and eventually, the green group managed to get most of the people working together. So much so in fact that it became apparent the other groups might not catch us. With hindsight and experience I should have either sat back and let others do the work or made a break for it. However I wanted to try and ensure we stayed away so did neither. The last lap slowed down a little and then with around 500m to go, people started sprinting for the line. I got the idea and followed but there was too much of a gap to bridge and I came in second, a great result none the less. I must admit to a range of emotions include relief, disappointment, excitement and pride. Clearly I had a lot to learn but I was buzzing and hooked.