And onto British Cycling racing at Henstridge

Posted on 23rd May 2017

Enthused by Moreton I decided to join a few of my friends and try British Cycling racing at Henstridge Airfield near Shaftsbury. The approach road certainly gave me concern as I arrived, its horrendous, but the track itself is in good condition. The field of riders was much smaller than Moreton, about 14, but the circuit is technical with an hairpin bend just before the finish. This I learnt does not suit me! Its great training but I certainly need to improve my 5 second power if I want to race crits. After a few laps I discovered I just needed to take the corners wider and the race settled down. A couple of guys tried breakaways but they were easily brought back. With 2 laps to go, the pace increased so I made my way to the front and tried to take Luke with me. I didn't dare push out in front and in the end I came in fourth which gave me my first BC points. One more top four finish should give me cat 3 status and tick off a season goal. A satisfactory night rather than a special one.