First NFCC Age Group Record

Posted on 28th May 2017

I made it a season goal to break the NFCC TT records for my age group but doing it needs a few things to happen together. Weather, course, traffic and fitness all play a part. The 10 mile record is very quick but having ridden H8/25 a few weeks before, I knew I had a chance at the 25 if it all came together. The course near Bentley is lumpy and the road isn't particularly smooth, but its not a slow course either and I can do the long drags reasonably well. But more importantly I had my new disc wheel! It was an afternoon start which gave me lots of time but I had a tyre to collect and a cassette to collect and fit. Time drained away and it was a close call especially when I discovered the rear break also needed adjusting and I hadn't even seen an integrated rear break before. Luckily I made it to the start with a few minutes to spare. Adrenalin probably made riding into the stiff wind quicker and at the turn, the tailwind was appreciated on the run back. The 2nd lap I started to tire and slow but the 1st had been a 10 mile PB for me so I knew I was going well. I was happy to get to the final roundabout without breaking and hopefully ride the wind back. The hills seemed bigger, the wind less and the road bumpier but luckily I got to the top of them and threw it all into the last 3 miles. And it was close, a new NFCC 25 mile age record by about 10 seconds and my first. 27mph for 25 miles and a time of 55.48. I was pleased with that. The following Tuesday the NFCC held the next event in their club championship, a 30 mile TT on P164/30. This was another target and again I broke the age group record with a 1:11:31. 2 records in 3 days! :)