Moreton in the rain.

Posted on 22nd Jun 2017

This year I'm taking part in Bournemouth Cycleworks' Moreton Race Series and we've had some great weather. Race 5 however was a notable exception. The forecast was wrong and a steady drizzle turned into a downpour on the warmup lap. I can't remember when it rained before then and I don't think its rained since. It was also Max Moyles first Moreton race. The race itself was pretty uneventful with drenched riders being stretched out around the course. I finished uninspiringly and won my age category but Max had a great ride and finished 3rd behind Matt Downie. The event is recorded here due to some of the great action shots taken by Eamonn Deane. The adjacent shot shows Chris Wilson and Luke Monahan on the front with me trying to hide from Luke's spray as we come through for our turn on the front.