I didnt think I'd break this one.

Posted on 22nd Jun 2017

When I set myself the target of the NFCC age group records, the 10 mile time of 21:35 looked hard to beat. It wasn't until I got a 22.05 as part of a 25 mile TT that I considered it possible. My first attempt on H8/10 was a wash out in heavy rain and I only managed to match the 25 time. Next up was P415/10, a reputably much faster course with a downhill start near Poole. I now knew it was possible but everything had to be right. Course, navigation, form, weather and traffic. In the end it wasn't but I still did it. The forecast was for warm, still conditions and that's what we got. Great weather and a reasonable off time made for a positive start but my power meter wasn't working and had to be reset a few times. On top of that I had tired legs from a hard race at Moreton. I made the start with 60 seconds to spare and set off in way too high a gear. There was traffic around but none of it really slowed me and the ride out to The Bakers Arms was very quick despite not knowing the course. However on the roundabout, a camper van kept indicating one way and veering another before coming to a stop. Urged on by the marshalls it took a turning and I pressed hard to make up the time. The return now seemed into a slight headwind and the rises a little longer. By the finish, I'd given most of what I had left and I looked at my Garmin with hope if not expectation. It was enough and as it displayed under 21 minutes and I knew I'd started it early too. I'm pretty sure given the same conditions, fresh legs and no traffic I can better 20:56. So until next time, or until the flying Anthony Green beats it, I'm happy with that.