TLI National TT - 2nd in Category

Posted on 8th Aug 2017

One of my secondary targets for 2017 was the TLI National TT to be held at Nomansland in the New Forest. Still in only my 2nd year cycling, the champions jersey was an unlikely dream but I still wanted to do myself justice. There was a new course to tackle which is typical New Forest Fayre..... rolling terrain, cattle grids, animals in the road and a few potholes. It's the same for everyone though and I seem to be more suited to hillier routes. The event was well organised and based in Nomansland reading room, a small wooden building with a timeless feel and surprisingly two toilets. There was no parking at the venue however so we shared the nearest forest car park with the horses and holiday makers. I was part of a 7 man NFCC team which was nice and it was also good to see a few familiar faces supporting and taking pictures. The weather was kind and the course generally behaved. Fastest on the day was Dean Robson from Northover V.T followed by Matt Langridge of Planet X and local star Matthew Downie from Primera-Team Jobs. My ride didn't feel smooth nor quick. I was a bit too concerned about blowing up to go all in on the hills and it was difficult to keep the power down on the fast downhill corners. When I finished I knew I could have gone quicker if I had gambled and I saw it wasn't much faster than my practice run. Back at the HQ I eventually, hesitantly peeked at the times of other riders in my age category. I was somewhat relieved to discover I was a comfortable 2nd. Not a brilliant ride but a silver medal wasn't a bad result either and on reflection I'm pleased with that.(Photos by Julian Porter (2) and Richard Parker)