Lyndon Thompson wins at Moreton Race Series 9 2017

Posted on 16th Aug 2017

Road races at Moreton were a big step up for me. A step I didn't think I'd make never mind actually win. When I came 2nd in my first race it was an amazing experience but I thought that would be it. However time is teaching me you have to hang in there when it gets really tough and take your chances if they come. My chance came in early July when a strong blue group worked hard and stayed away from a smaller red group filled with local stars. There were a few attacks from within the blues but most managed to bridge and the group slowly dropped riders by attrition as fatigue set in. When the bell rang to signify the last lap people started to get cagey. The pace slowed and cooperation dwindled. I found myself on the front as the pace increased with around 1km to go and no one would come through. I dropped back slightly but all the doors were shut and I was taking the wind. I thought I may as well take the wind out front than to the side so with about 500m to go, I braved likely failure and went for it. People tried to follow but the chain was disrupted and with around 100m to go I was still in the lead. Then it was a case of trying to get as much speed out of my 50 chain ring as possible and hope the catch wasn't made on the line. It wasn't and I'd won my first race at Moreton by about half a wheel. I need more gears! Some people said it was easy for me but they don't know the half of it. An injury filled two years in cycling is no match for the energy and passion of youth. I just don't give in.