Stripes like Sagan for Christmas

Posted on 6th Jan 2018

We can all day dream about riding a grand tour or being world champion like Peter Sagan but we know it isn't going to happen. We can only imagine the thrill of wearing the famous rainbow striped jersey. But if Sagan can have custom striped clothing, I thought why can't I have a NFCC Road Race Champion Jersey? OK its a bit tongue in cheek but I didn't get a trophy to keep and I needed a winter jersey anyway so I thought why not get one custom made as a Christmas present to myself. It's actually much better quality than the standard club kit and cost less money. It's going to get mucky but I have a summer jersey too. They aren't suitable for racing as they aren't the registered colours but it will be a bit of fun to wear them on social rides and maybe the idea might catch on with clubs.