BJW Reliability Trial Series

Posted on 5th Feb 2018

My winter season has included riding all the local reliability trials I know about including the GDW, Arrows, and BJW series. These are great social events and also double up as good winter endurance training. Basically riders are given a route and have to complete it within a fairly generous time limit. The shorter 50 mile events are ridden at a brisk 19-20mph and the longer events a little slower. This year both the 75 mile and 100 mile rides were accompanied by a brisk northerly wind which made them a ride of attrition but even so, they were completed at nearly 18mph. However riders can chose a group that suits the pace they want to ride at so these are great events for the majority of people. Both the Arrows and BJW provide excellent after-ride coffee and cake at a fraction of café cost where the GDW provide an in-ride feed stop included in the £3 entry fee. All the rides are quite doable for most keen cyclists but actually getting up at 6.30am on a freezing cold Sunday morning and doing them is another thing. Therefore I am quite pleased to have earned my BJW 2018 series finishes medal, even if it does turn out to be plastic. It's all good fun!