Morocco; first impressions.

Posted on 15th Dec 2018

Well, the airport is very modern and tidy; it certainly shows up Gatwick! As far as buildings are concerned though, its the exception. In general town buildings aren’t great but I expected that. The roads are a mixed bag too but there’s certainly a lot of cyclists about. Marrakesh centre is amazingly busy at rush hour but the outer dual carriageways are provided with wide cycle lanes and seem safe. OK, you have to watch out the mopeds, cycles and donkey drawn things but they are good to ride on and you can quickly get out into the country side. I was clearly a source of great interest but the mopeds seemed quite happy to ride along at 25mph and offer themselves as a wind break. In the countryside roads are grippy but quiet and safe. The rural towns are a different matter though and the road at Tighdouine was covered in everything but tarmac. Everyone was really friendly and offered high fives, bonjours or salams as I passed. The roadside businesses amused me; there was an unproportionate amount of mechanics, fabricators and places that seemed to be bagging dried poo. The weather is great for December with clear blue sky and peak temperatures in the mid twenties but when the sun drops, so does the temperature.

riding with mopedsa view of the atlas

end of the road? no!