TFC Winter Series and TFC Spring Series 1 Overall Winner

Posted on 27th May 2019

Winter turbo sessions play there part in most cyclists training plans, but it can be really boring. Zwift tries to alleviate the tedium with its virtual world, however its not long before the novelty wears off. However there are also group events and even races and when combined with social groups, these can be quite motivating. Conversely however, the races aren't always the best structured workouts so you haven't to lose sight of your goals. This winter I tried to incorporate approximate training sessions such as low cadence drills or 5 min efforts into races. OK, its a bit of a fudge but its really hard to hit the high numbers unless you are somehow pushed. TFC are one of the groups that arrange series of races and the first race on zwift I tried. Riders are divided into categories depending on their FTP divided by their weight (watts per kilo). I initially started off in C but was DQd for too much power, then I tried B but the same thing happened. So I had to race in the highest category which is A. It was therefore quite a surprise and very nice too that I won both the winter and spring series in the highest (A) category.