Cycling holiday in Crete

Posted on 17th Nov 2019

Crete is a great destination for a cycling holiday. The terrain is similar to Cornwall but more so and warmer. In September 2019 I intended to hit the gravel tracks as well as the road as I had recently bought a new gravel bike. We chose a brand new all inclusive hotel under the TUI family life brand partly due to the proliferation of tracks in that area. Unfortunately the gravel was more like boulders and the hotel, although very smart, was spoiled by poorly behaved children and inconsiderate parents. So after an initial battle of a ride on rocky slopes, it was back to the road. Possibly the highlight was a 40 mile ride with nearly 6000ft of climbing up to the central plateaux through 2000 year old dinky oaks and tiny shines. At the top I was met by Nina who said and I paraphrase, "you dont want to go down there; bad road and 800 homes of angry honey today. Come eat free of charge, it is my gift because my grandson died on this day many years ago". Come on, I couldn't make that up. There aren't many flat roads on Crete and I accumulated over 40,000ft of climbing in a week but they are fairly decent quality. My 700x40's were overkill but it was nice to have them anyway.