Cycling in the Souss Massa near Agadir

Posted on 16th Dec 2019

For the last day and final cycle ride of the week I didn’t want to do anything too adventurous but I wanted to do something. I should really have rested my knee but it was possibly the last time I’d be in Agadir. I therefore ventured into the sandy outskirts of the Souss Massa National Park south of Agadir. Route planning is difficult and in reality there are some good and bad tracks so its a case of finding a good one which goes in the direction you want. I failed miserably. The first one looked like one of the main tracks on google maps but it was surfaced by large, golf ball sized gravel. At the first opportunity I turned off this onto a standard sandy gravel track which was fine. When I had to leave this, it was unfortunately onto a deep sandy track used by beach buggies and finally onto a tarmac service road for the local salad crop growers. I’m afraid I can’t really offer much more advice for anyone thinking of cycling through the Souss Massa. Once I was back on the tarmac. I wasn’t venturing off it again so I took the fast road back along a smooth cycle lane until I found the nice new road they have made across the northern tip of the Sous Massa and across the river Sous back into Agadir. Surprisingly it was populated by many of the locals who were spending their Sunday enjoying camel rides, walks and bbq’s under the shelter of Eucalyptus trees. [strava]