Bourne View Pantomine

Posted on 25th Feb 2020

The Bourne View pantomime was just that, it started off confusingly and finished confusingly but it was good fun none the less. The plot was conceived in the staff canteen one lunchtime; or to be more exact, I made it up trying to baffle our non native colleagues. Essentially, sleeping beauty won’t get up for work and her mum has enlisted the help of the three wise men who are actually women. First they meet the ugly sister who tries to sell them raffle tickets, then they meet Cinderella who’s miffed because her pumpkin’s broken, then they meet a hormonal gingerbread before finally stumbling across Jack, a rather small looking giant and two traditional looking shepherds who have lost their cow. Residents and staff all contributed to the performance and we also got a fair sized audience which was great. It was never going to win an Oscar but everyone had fun and asked to do another one next year which is always a good sign.